Re: Developers/long distance
From: Kathy Kelly (
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 15:13:51 -0500
Jim commutes.

Kathy Kelly
Tucson Cohousing
(One of the lucky projects to be working with the soon to be legendary Mr.

> From: Judy Baxter <BAXTER [at]>
> Subject: Developers/long distance
> Date: Monday, May 11, 1998 11:57 AM
> RE: the developer question
> I concur with those who said, it's possible, but costs "a lot" in time,
not to
> mention  money.  Mike Malone spoke our history a bit.  
> We tried to find a local developer, and actually had one, we thought, but
> dropped us for bigger fish (my interpretation).  I always had misgivings
> how that was going to work, but I don't know if I could have gone ahead
> our purchase if they hadn't been there then.  
> After that, we could only find development "consultants" who took no
risk.  We
> did hire one, and I for one, think we needed him, but we also needed
more.  I
> would never be a developer if you can help it, but what if you don't have
> Leach?  Can anyone share their experiences with a long-distance
developer, or
> does Jim commute?
> Judy
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