Re: Neighborhood Area Network (NAN)
From: Ben Levi (
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 21:35:24 -0500
Matt wrote:
"I don't think I would bother with fiber.  However, I would want to run
multiple Cat-5 runs to each house and maybe a few strands of RG-6.  As
as installation, I would want to run Cat-5 to multiple locations in each
home and use it for telephone service as well.  Lots of flexibility is
very important."

There is a key issue here having to do with distances. The maximum
distance for an Ethernet 10-Base-T run is 100 meters, or roughly 300 ft.
So if the distances between the houses and the Common House are close to
that or greater, you'll be forced to do one of three solutions. The
first is to install repeaters, which are a hassle. The second way is
ThinNet, or 10-Base-2 wire, in a hub configuration, not a star. The
third way, and IMHO the future, is fiber optic, which is probably less
expensive for the wire, but more expensive initially for the termination
equipment. Still, that's the way to go if you want to be up to date in
ten years.
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