Farm Oriented Cohousing Community
From: Hartzell Family (
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 08:46:59 -0500
My family is involved in the creation of a farm oriented cohousing
community in south central Pennsylvania.  The inspiration for doing so is
twofold.  First,  the continued degredation of food and croplands by our
dependence on the chemical/mechanical practices of American agribusiness.
Secondly, the continued loss of  small family farms to agribusiness, strip
malls, and housing developments.  The intent of the Hundredfold Farm
Project is to create on an existing farm a small cohousing community that
will continue to operate the farm using gentle healthy practices that will
restore it's fertility and not mine it.  By integrating the farm and the
coho community,  the responsibility and risk of operating the farm will be
owned by the community members.  The produce grown using intensive organic
techniques will be made available to the membership.  We are also
intending to establish a CSA or subscription operation so that excess
produce can be made available to non-community families and local
retirement homes.

The questions for the coho-l are; Is anyone aware of  an existing coho
community that operates a farm or is closely linked to one, or are we
plowing (so to speak) new ground?  What are the general thoughts about a
coho community that moves beyond just living and eating together and
provides the opportunity to physically work together?

Bill Hartzell
Late of Sharingwood, now forming the Hundredfold Farm coho community in
south central Pennsylvania.

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