Re: including old postings
From: Cheryl Charis-Graves (
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 09:33:08 -0500
When I am responding, it helps to have the original message "in front" of me.
Also, when I receive messages that contain "quotes" they are italicized or have
those little carrot (sp?) symbols in front of them. And, my quoted messages are
always beneath the new text, so I don't have to read the old message unless I
want to refer to it as I read the comment.

So I find it useful. And I have my preferences set up to automatically quote the
original message.

However, I would be willing to erase the original messages from my responses if
that were the desired protocol from those on the list.

After all, I do live in cohousing and I do know how to accommodate for others'
needs and desires!

Harmony Village
where I am planting a "moon garden" in my tiny little corner of the community

Ruby44444 wrote:

> I don't know if others of you feel this way, but I really wish people wouldn't
> include the message they are responding to in their postings.  It gets pretty
> tedious reading the same old message several times in the same digest, and I
> tend to skip over it and sometimes miss the next real posting.  What do you
> think?
> Rebecca
> Pioneer Valley

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