Re: Combined Development?
From: David M. Dobkin (
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 17:50:41 -0500
William Germino wrote:
> Does anyone know of any housing developments where both
> cohousing and a subdivision were combined on the same property and
> developed in tandem? We have a situation where different people are
> interested in each type. Is it possible to combine the development
> even if the cohousing part operates on its own after construction?
> What do you see as the potential issues (such as zoning) with the
> idea?  Thanks for your input!
> Bill Germino
> TCN webmaster
> Norwood, MA, where we are in the early stages of a cohousing development

Bill- It is my understanding that Muir Commons in Davis was developed in
this manner. The developer of a subdivision was informed by the (city
council?) that she needed an affordable housing component. A cohousing
group already existed, saw the opportunity and they linked up. After
development, the cohocom stood on its own as Muir Commons. 

David Dobkin, Noname,aka Berkeley Cohousing.

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