Re: Connection between kitchen and dining room
From: Roman Bitner (
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 22:24:49 -0500
Pablo Halpern wrote:

> How important is it to have visual and/or aural connection between the
> kitchen and the dining room?  
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> Pablo Halpern                                    phalpern [at]
Here at Southside Park we opted for openness over noise control. The
noise problem is almost exclusively a dining room generated thing. The
kitchen noise only rarely intereferes with the activities in the dining
room. It's a hard job cooking for fifty people and you really don't want
to be isolated. Also, if we are having a meeting and a meal, the cooks
can listen to the meeting. Get rid of the windows. They will also bounce
the noise in the dining room around and make it louder. Just don't skimp
on the noise control in the dining room itself. Oh, also get a really
quiet dishwasher. Good luck!

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