Re: including old postings
From: MartyR707 (
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 11:46:58 -0500
In a message dated 5/14/98 4:05:52 AM, you wrote:

<<I don't know if others of you feel this way, but I really wish people
include the message they are responding to in their postings.>>

Here's a compromise method that I like to use.  Quote just a small part of the
previous message so there is some context for what you are replying to.  But
those automatic email systems that include the entire message does get very
tedious to me.  Especially since it compounds rapidly and includes the
previous message plus the one before that that was included in the previous,
etc.  And then it does start to get hard to tell where you are in the list
(especially in digest mode).

The other problem with this for me is that AOL will clip off part of a very
long email and attach it as a file to download.  This is a pain - and usually
what makes them so long is all the old stuff that is included again.

Marty Roberts, Two Acre Wood
The moon garden sounds wonderful!  Could you post a list of the plants you are
using - or that could be used?

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