Cohousing as Investment?
From: Gretchen (
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 12:24:58 -0500
Is it true that Cohousing tends to be at or above market rates as Rob
Sandelin states?  I'm asking because I consider conservation to be one
of the big advantages of cohousing...i.e. working with neighbors to
conserve time, money, energy, and resources.  I also thought that was
one of the original tenants of Cohousing philosophy...that it provided
an option to lower income families and individuals who wanted to work
together to save money and improve the quality of their communal life in
the process.

So, I'm Cohousing just turning into a trendy, overpriced
housing option?  I'd like to hear about finances from people who are
long term Cohousing residents...would you say Cohousing was a better
financial investment then buying into a traditional neighborhood?  Did
the initial purchase price pay off long term in terms of savings on
meals, transportation, child care and other shared resources?  What kind
of care costs for the common house and land did you face?  And what
about unexpected do you budget for them?  Also, did anyone
ever feel pressure to spend on community needs when there were
conflicting family needs/goals?

Gretchen Witt

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