Co housing zoning
From: Robin D. Ellison (Robin.D.EllisonDartmouth.EDU)
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 13:27:35 -0500
Hello All,

Yesterday I ran into an aquaintance who happens to be on the planning 
commission of an area town.  He talking about the co housing project in my town 
[which has no zoning] he mentioned that his commission was involved in the 
first major rewrite of their zoning since 1975.  Recognizing an opportunity 
when it drops in my lap, I asked if he would like to get some model co housing 
zoning language so that it would be in place in case the issue ever comes up.

He was delighted by the idea, as the town is trying to concentrate devlopment 
to preserve the rural nature of the town.

So, does anyone have any model language out there that they would like to send 
me [I did look on the co ho web site, but didn't see anything that was obvious.]

Thanks in advance
Robin Ellison
robin.ellison [at]

RR1 Box 268A
Hartland VT 05048

FAX  603-650-7722 [be sure to put that it is for Robin Ellison]
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