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From: Cheryl Charis-Graves (
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 23:59:12 -0500
MartyR707 wrote:

>  Quote just a small part of the
> previous message so there is some context for what you are replying to.

Okay, this was a little bit of netiquette I hadn't yet acquired. Makes sense, so

> The moon garden sounds wonderful!  Could you post a list of the plants you are
> using - or that could be used?

As for this part, I would refer you to the following website:

I have started with:
    Artemisia "silver mound"
    Cape Blanco sedum
    cut-leaf daisy (Erigeron compositus)
    Dusty Miller "silver dust "
    white cushion chrysanthemum
    white daisy chrysanthemum
    hawaii white ageratum (hybrid)
    galaxy white bellis (perennial)

Following are other plants which have been recommended:
    Artemisia-(Silver Queen)
    Artemisia (Silver Brocade) used as edging.
    Shasta Daisy (Snow Lady)
    Rose of Sharon
    Day Lily (So Lovely)
    Night blooming Daylily
    Catmint (Six Hills Giant)-used as edging
    Narcissus (May Rose)
    Curry Plant
    Dittany of Crete
    Evening Primrose

Green with Silver tint-silver becomes more pronounced when hit with dew and moon
        Silver Horehound
        Russian Sage (Filigran)
        Russian sage (Longin)
        Silver Sage
        Fringed Wormwood
        Silver Thyme

These have small white flowers:
        Baby's breath
        White Star Columbine-tender plant but does well in semi-shade

        Snow Maiden Iris
        Moon Flower-it has huge white blooms and produces large seeds so save

Spreading plants:
        Lamb's ear (used as edging)-does not care for real humid weather, does
best in semi- shade, but that is okay for all of these will do great in

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