Re: co-housing v.s. old-fashioned neighborliness
From: Matt Lawrence (
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 17:12:25 -0500
On Thu, 14 May 1998, Jim Willits wrote:

>       I have to agree with robin ellison. the continued suburban sprawl with 
> "hip" new packaging ..."cohousing" is still just traditional suburban
> sprawl. Urban restoration and village revitalization is the real need and
> the unit costs can be very low by selecting the neighborhood. The economic
> impact of a similar group investment into an existing neighborhood would be
> very significant and could change the course of history for a particular
> neighborhood.    jim willits 

I think you are seriously lacking a clue.  There are some cohousing
projects that are located in urban areas.  For example, take a look at the
Doyle Street project.

-- Matt

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