Re: co-housing v.s. old-fashioned neighborliness (fwd)
From: Catherine Harper (
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 11:34:24 -0500
Gail Curry curryg [at] wrote:

> This is not to say that one cannot improve the sense of community in a
> regular subdivision, but it would take a lot more conscious effort, and you
> would be fighting against an anti-interactive environment and people who
> just may not be interested in what you are trying to do.

Well, a lot more effort in some areas, but a lot less in others...  like,
say, building the cohousing community in the first place.  How are you
evaluating effort?  (When I think of all the time spent in planning
meetings, etc. etc....  hell, half that much time put towards fostering
community where you are...  though the results, admittedly, are less

Or does the existance of common space make that much difference?  (When I
look at my family at puget ridge...  one can certainly seem to make the

(I live currently towards an outer edge of suburbia.  And while community
has come fairly slowly to us -- this week's effort involved giving various
neighbors tomato plants -- I have noticed that we are surrounded by
stronger communities than I'd expected.  Built largely around churches --
the main reasons we are rather on the gringe still -- which also serve, I
think, as common space.)


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