On being too close for comfort
From: Sharon Villines (SharonVillinesprodigy.net)
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 19:37:49 -0500
I share the feelings expressed by Tonka444 [at] aol.com about "sharing" 
personal feelings--which are usually very heavy--no one seems to have
intensely personal happy light feelings it seems--at least they don't share
them in group exercises.  Living is not therapy. Caring is not therapy. Life
is not therapy. Therapy is retreat from living in order to clear up
non-living and it needs to be done in carefully controlled, time and space
limited situations, and guided by experienced well-trained professionals. I
also am uncomfortable with exercises that ask one to describe themselves as
a tree or a flower. I'm  not a tree or a flower and have no interest in
being one.

The thing I was attracted to in cohousing is that it seems so sensible and
practical and real. These stories concern me.

Sharon Villines, Manhattan
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