Let's hear it for urban AND suburban AND rural cohousing
From: Joani Blank (jeblankic.org)
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 02:45:18 -0500
Three more urban cohousing communities for anyone who's counting

1. Cardiff Place in Victoria, BC
2. Cambridge CoHousing (MA)
3. Old Oakland CoHousing (CA) I know, we're not built yet but
groundbreaking's scheduled for May 27. Yay! Now this is really urban. Can
any other group claim being across the street from a  25 story
hotel/convention center, and having half a dozen even taller skyscrapers
within 4 or five city blocks of our door!. Also probably 100 restaurants
within five or six blocks (we're a block from Oakland's Chinatown), five of
them literally across the street with two or three more new ones    right
downstairs in our building.

Anyone who finds clustered housing in the midst of suburban sprawl areas
unappealing, might be most inspired by the areal photo of Windsong
(Langley, BC, outside of Vancouver) and its surrounding area that I saw
when visiting that community last fall.. In that picture, Windsong looks
like the veritable oasis it actually is. I could imagine drive through the
boring suburban sprawl on my way home from work. I think it would make me
appreciate my cohousing home all the more when I got there. 

Joani Blank
moving from Doyle St. to Old Oakland because the latter is more urban!

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