RE: COHOUSING-L digest 496
From: Ruddick, T.R. (
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 12:17:17 -0500
Rob--speaking as primarily a lurker who has a long-term desire to get
active in cohousing (anyone on this list in the Dayton OH area?), I'd
like to think that my contributions to this discussion--every six months
or so--will be judged by their sincerity and usefulness, not by whether
I'm lucky enough to be in cohousing now.
        I think I understand your concern for non-cohousers starting
flame wars with smarmy criticism.  In my experience, to stop those
arguments, is doesn't help to differentiate "good" and "bad" list
members. It does prevent personal arguments if the group keeps ignores
the personal stuff and addresses the legitimate topics at hand.  As one
listadmin put it, "Trolls wouldn't be so successful if you people
weren't so quick to rise to the bait."
        That said, this is one of the more flame-free lists I've found
on the 'net.  All of that consensus-building obviously has an effect!

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> ----------
        >It is very useful when you post your name to include what
cohousing >group you are involved with and where that is. 
        >I personally find it annoying sometimes when people who are not
involved >at all in cohousing jump into this list and then proceed to
tell those of us >who are involved how we should be doing it. Its a
small ego thing I have I >guess.
        >Rob Sandelin

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