Re: Let's hear it for urban AND suburban AND rural cohousing
From: Franklin Wayne Poley (
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 13:48:24 -0500
On Mon, 18 May 1998, Joani Blank wrote:

> Three more urban cohousing communities for anyone who's counting
> 1. Cardiff Place in Victoria, BC
> 2. Cambridge CoHousing (MA)
> 3. Old Oakland CoHousing (CA) I know, we're not built yet but
> groundbreaking's scheduled for May 27. Yay! Now this is really urban. Can
> any other group claim being across the street from a  25 story
> hotel/convention center, and having half a dozen even taller skyscrapers
> within 4 or five city blocks of our door!. Also probably 100 restaurants
> within five or six blocks (we're a block from Oakland's Chinatown), five of
> them literally across the street with two or three more new ones    right
> downstairs in our building.
> Anyone who finds clustered housing in the midst of suburban sprawl areas
> unappealing, might be most inspired by the areal photo of Windsong
> (Langley, BC, outside of Vancouver) and its surrounding area that I saw
> when visiting that community last fall.. In that picture, Windsong looks
> like the veritable oasis it actually is. I could imagine drive through the
> boring suburban sprawl on my way home from work. I think it would make me
> appreciate my cohousing home all the more when I got there. 
> Joani Blank
> moving from Doyle St. to Old Oakland because the latter is more urban!

Hello Co-Housing People: I just joined this list as the False Creek 
Project (see sig below) is likely to be a co-housing development or at 
least contain a co-housing development and I am likely to be buying into 
False Creek. I appreciated the thread "Too close for comfort" as I did 
live for 10 years in an old farm house on an acreage and shared it with 
30-40 men, women and children over that time. Mostly it worked but there 
is a question of lifestyle preference. I noted the comment on this list 
that there is a lot of variation in co-housing. Frankly I think that what 
would appeal to most urban citizens to-day would be simply the 
old-fashioned community centre in each neighbourhood within walking 
distance and no pressure to use it. Would you call that co-housing?

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