Re: Living in an encounter group forever
From: dwn2erth (
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 19:19:13 -0500
perhaps Scott could offer an example of a charter or a good example of the
initial objectives he mentions.. they would help I am sure..
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> From: Scott Cowley <scowley [at]>
> Subject: Re: Living in an encounter group forever
> Date: Monday, May 18, 1998 8:09 PM
> I favor the idea of cohousing as a better model of housing development.
> To encourage this idea I began to suggest early on in our group's
formation that
> the first point was to put a roof over our heads.  The second point was
to do it
> in an enlightened way.  That means that nobody insists we all believe
the same,
> or do the same thing, or dance the same dance.  We try to be fair and
use our
> heads.  Otherwise, it seems too much like a perpetual 'T' group or, to
put it 
> another way, a rather traditional, power-mongering religion.  Therefore,
such an
> abyss can be avoided by careful choice of initial objectives.
> About the notion of civility and dissent:  One of the nice things about
an email
> discussion list is that you can read a post without getting anything but
> fragile little feelings hurt, and maybe learn something in the process,
even if 
> they're just cruisin'.  Grow up.  Thrive on challenge.  Bathe in the
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