Re: Too close for comfort....maybe
From: Roman Bitner (
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 11:15:10 -0500
Pablo Halpern wrote:

> One possibility for why you were uncomfortable is that you were a newcomer
> to a group that had already developed a certain level of intimacy. Our group
> has struggled at times to integrate new people when the rest of the group
> had been together for a long time. We never really did figure it out. The
> group you're describing might be having a similar problem. If this is the
> case, ask for help and you might develop more comfort as time goes on.
Good point. We have had this problem too, and have reinstituted a buddy
program that we had had when we were still in development. New people
have a buddy who is available to answer questions which they may feel
uncomfortable asking or just bring them up to speed on things. A person
might feel dumb asking repeated questions, and the buddy system
institutionalizes it and makes it ok. 
Liz"ignore that other name my husband keeps putting on the
Southside Park Cohousing

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