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From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 09:17:40 -0500
Creating better neighborhoods in the form of cohousing is a monstrous
task and it does become discouraging at times to hear people new to
cohousing criticising cohousers for not doing more or for not doing it
better or for not doing it in some different way.  I appreciate the
perspective that these relative newcomers bring and feel that its hugely
valuable for the whole cohousing movement to be continually challenged,
but I in turn challenge those with a better idea of how to do cohousing
to get out there and make it happen.  Build on the successes of existing
cohousing groups and take it the next step further.

I want to thank Lynn Nadeau for how nicely she put it:

> Ideals are vital, and move us in the right directions. It would be great
> if my choice of housing could simultaneously end racism, sexism, ageism,
> able-ism, and imperialism. If it could end hunger and homelessness and
> save endangered species.  No matter how large or small a step in the
> right direction one takes, there will be others who think you haven't
> gone far enough.
> But at least I am committed to a scheme which requires that I continue
> my personal growth, learn from the ways others differ from me, and with
> me. A scheme which has linked 20 families instead of dividing them with
> sanitary strips of roadway and tall hedges.  I feel fine about my
> choice.

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