Re: The $200,000 invisible wall - retrofit instead
From: dwn2erth (
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 12:33:38 -0500
we bought our first urban house in the early seventies in a ghetto
neighborhood from a realtor who wanted out for 900 dollars.. with six
adults which swelled to 15 over the next three years.. we bought our most
recent semi urban commercial building and dwelling in 1981 for 40,000. in
a semi decaying mall destroyed down town we have opened a community type
youth center on the first floor/ coffee house  and we , 5 adults live
upstairs , the group is expanding and will be renting nearby and hopefully
buying another mixed use building to expand the business and living
arrangements for more people...The urban experience was the best for the
money and experientially and, I see neighborhoods in Phile and camden ,
(our nearest cities) that look really suitable. i think some combination
of business, community service, and housing is a great approach to
becoming a part of the neighborhood quickly... music, childcare, community
gardens, coffeehouse, etc. etc. etc...
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> From: Michael Mariner <mykano [at]>
> Subject: The $200,000 invisible wall - retrofit instead
> Date: Sunday, May 24, 1998 10:42 AM
> Jim Willits said:
> >i have spent twenty five years retrofitting, or trying to ( we never
> >to be finished) and have loved urban environments and extremely rural
> >different times with different groups..retrofit takes time but not
> >necessarily a lot of money..
> Jim, can you tell us more about your experiences?  Since 25 years is 
> longer than cohousing has been in America, I assume some of it was with 
> other kinds of communities or maybe on single households or....?
> Do you have any advice for how cohousers can retrofit community into 
> existing neighborhoods and structures?
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