Re: The $200,000 invisible wall - retrofit instead
From: dwn2erth (
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 12:47:34 -0500
the only other thing I would say is that with careful research several
buildings can usually be acquired at one time... the ideal of course would
be a whole city block, perhaps if one worked with a city planning and
redevelopment authorty this could be realized, we tried in the seventies
in Camden(even designed a complete block community with common uses, day
care, business, secure parking a pool.gardens greenhouse-rooftop  etc
etc.) but were probably a little to hippyish and a little too premature
for the conventional lenders that would have had to cooperate. I think it
would be much easier now that we are older and, I think it is still very
cheap in the right places at the right times...we are working on attaining
funding and low interest loans for our plans here, I sit on a downtown
committee in our urban enterprise zone trying to secure low interest loans
and grants for urban revitalization projects like ours, we are also
exanmining 501c3 status as we have not made a dime in 5 years and in fact
have lost money every year..not too much but enuf to malke it clear that
we are providing a community service not running a profitable business
operation. There was a great article in the early seventies/ late sixties
about a group in london doing this I think it was in the canadian whole
earth catalog I can't find it now.  -- 
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> From: Michael Mariner <mykano [at]>
> Subject: The $200,000 invisible wall - retrofit instead
> Date: Sunday, May 24, 1998 10:42 AM
> Jim Willits said:
> >i have spent twenty five years retrofitting, or trying to ( we never
> >to be finished) and have loved urban environments and extremely rural
> >different times with different groups..retrofit takes time but not
> >necessarily a lot of money..
> Jim, can you tell us more about your experiences?  Since 25 years is 
> longer than cohousing has been in America, I assume some of it was with 
> other kinds of communities or maybe on single households or....?
> Do you have any advice for how cohousers can retrofit community into 
> existing neighborhoods and structures?
> Mike Mariner
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