Re: Parking
From: Roman Bitner (
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 13:05:12 -0500
Mac Thomson wrote:

> What's been the experience of those of yo who have lived in cohousing
> for a while now?  Is that opportunity for interaction between homes and
> parking pretty important?  How hard is it for your older members to from
> home to parking?
Here at Southside Park we have the parking right in the middle of the
site, since it's an alley. I have found that the people who are on their
way to and from cars are not in a social mode anyway, and that it is not
an important point of contact. Incidental social contact is made more
frequently at the mailboxes, the laundry, meals, and when supervising
children outside or doing work. I wouldn't sweat the antisocaial aspects
of car parking near the home. It's much more important to have mailboxes
centrally located and to have a laundry.  Four hundred feet sounds
really far to lug groceries and children in the snow!! I would seriously
reconsider. That might not turn you off, but it would definitely affect
appraisals and resale value. This is a big deal.
Liz Stevenson

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