From: Mike Malone (
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 07:47:20 -0500
At Monterey Cohousing (in Minneapolis, Minnesota), we have attached 
garages for the new construction. Many of the folks in the old 
building would like to have garage space and some do rent unused 
garage spaces in the new construction. We were unable to identify any 
spot on our property to put a parking lot that did not involve the 
destruction of fine old trees (we have a very restricted site). In 
addition, members with small children were adamite that they would 
not haul 2 or 3 small children and six sacks of groceries through 
below zero weather 100 to 200 feet. 
I agree with Roman Bitner that most of our incidental social 
interactions take place while walking dogs, taking out the trash, 
getting mail,  puttering with the landscaping, or watching children. 
These seem to be occasions when people are interested in socializing.
On the other hand, the driveway is not completely on the edge of our 
property and some folks mistake it for a public street.  It's not as 
safe as we had hoped.
It seems to me that in site design, one shouldn't be too rigid with 
the social engineering. 

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