Re: self-sufficiency in cohousing
From: Franklin Wayne Poley (
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 02:13:40 -0500
Thank you for the reply. We have been discussing the related issues of 
full and fair employment along with an end to absolute poverty on 
workfare-discuss. Several subscribers are by the way from Scandinavia 
where workfare is entrenched. It might be fairer to help employable 
unemployed to organize and develop complete communities with employment 
as well as housing. I don't think the basic idea is beyond the scope of 
co-housing. Last time I met with the President of Co-Housing B.C. he said 
they are looking into it (there are several completed co-housing projects 
in B.C. now). I read that the world's biggest co-housing project is still 
in Denmark at 2,000 or so. When you start getting into the thousands you 
can take a serious look at economic models, like Mondragon for example 
and see if they apply.

On Sat, 30 May 1998, Hanne Larsen wrote:

> As far as I know, none have tried. I am quite positive that none have common 
> income sources or self-sufficiency in a significant scale now.
> "Svanholm" and derivative communities who do maintain relatively large farms 
> and other production have true common economy (kibbutz-like) and thus fall 
> beyond the scope of cohousing.
> Nitsan Vardi
> Sættedammen, Denmark
> ------------------------
> Franklin Wayne Poley wrote:
> Hello out there! Does anybody know of a Danish Co-Housing Project which has 
> attempted to incorporate an economic unit, i.e. a means of self-sufficiency?
> FWP.

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