Food prep time
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 22:23:16 -0500
Just as a data point in this discussion.

Tonight we had Stuffed manicotti, spinach salad, melon, home made bread. 
Dinner for 41.  Total cook time with 2 cooks. 4:20 hours, with one cook doing 
3 hours, the other helping for one hour, 20 minutes.

Stuffing 140 manocottis is one of the more labor intensive dinners. Big pots 
of soup, large cassoroles are typically faster.

Rob Sandelin
Sharingwood. Where 2 people cleaned up the commonhouse, did all the dishes, 
cleaned both bathrooms, cleaned up all the tables, counters, swept and mopped 
in 80 minutes. Oh yeah, we also took out the trash and the compost.

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