Geneva Community - openings
From: Buzz Burrell (
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 22:40:31 -0500
We have a unique community in the foothills of Colorado, and we have 
openings for more Members.  (Note how a community may appear to be full 
until $$$ is required).

The timing for joining now is very good:  we own the land, we have 
Preliminary Plat Approval, and we have funded the Development Loan.  The 
risky, lengthy, and annoying work is getting done, and yet the price will 
stay low until we finish installing the infrastructure.

Geneva Community owns 176 acres along the Little Thompson River, about 25 
miles NNW of Boulder.  There are only 7 lots total, each with stream 
frontage.  Our plan is considered a model of ecological rural land use;  
all the lots are clustered on about 20 acres, and 2/3 of the property is 
being deeded to a Land Trust.

The Covenants will ensure a much higher than usual standard of "green" 
construction.  For example, each house will have PV panels, the Common 
House and others will use composting toilets, and non-frame construction 
will be the norm.  There is an equally strong appreciation of aesthetics 
and comfort, so there will be no row house look.  This isn't affordable 
housing, I must say;  lot prices are about $125,000, which includes 1/7 
of all the common land and facilities.  In order to maximize creativity 
and harmony with the land on each site, and minimize processing time, we 
sell the lots to our Members and they arrange for their own house to be 
designed and built (the Lot Development Model).

I'm saying all this because Geneva obviously isn't the norm, and so isn't 
for everybody.  But if it might be for you, please let me know.  Thanks!

Buzz Burrell 
Geneva Community
buzz [at]

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