Re: Oh no, it's that Kitchen topic again!
From: MelaSilva (
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 11:54:46 -0500
 I really agree with what Liz and Rob said.

At Southside, we bought Big Professional Pots, and many of us can't lift them
when they are full of food!  Also,  Big Professional Pots don't do well on
smaller BTU stove tops, so pasta turns to a gluey mess, ect .So many meals are
cooked in 2 or 3 seperate ways (mild or spicy, vegetarian, kid friendly) which
means that medium size pots (what we call our big pots at home) are the most
The folks who really know how to set up a kitchen for an ever changing mass of
VOLUNTEER COOKS are church folks! Go see how a few church kitchens are set up,
and talk to people who use them. Everything is well labeled, making it much
easier  to find and to put away. Instructions for using the food processor and
dishwasher are posted where they are easy to see, etc. 
It is great to get some input from a pro, but we are really trying to cook in
such a way that we include everyone. We have survived many a bad meal at McD
or Dennys. We will survive many a bad meal at cohousing - but at least we will
be sharing the table with friends.
Pam Silva
Southside Park Cohousing
Sacramento CA

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