Re: Washington Post Article
From: Pamela Leitch (
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 10:45:55 -0500
My Uncle's Life Away From the Mainstream
By Alissa Quart

While many of those communes have since faded,there has been a slow but
steady rise in intentional community-building in the '90s, attracting
thousands of people like Uncle Martin. 

Some intentional communities have been organized by Christian
fundamentalists who, like my uncle, advocate home schooling. 
What unites the intentional community movement is its members' proud
rejection of mainstream values. 
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In my opinion, this is the type of article that confuses cohousing with
intentional communities in general.  In my experience, we are NOT a commune
and we are not rejecting mainstream values.  I am concerned that this type
of article does not reflect acurately or positively on cohousing.

Pam Leitch, Cascadia Commons, Portland, Oregon

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