Re: Washington Post Article
From: Julie Busch (
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 22:48:18 -0500
BRAVO Ann Zabaldo;)   Hello listmembers! 

Couldn't resist sending encouragement to you. Well said, even with
emotional tones - let's get colourful about a form of community we want
to LIVE in and educate others about! Politics is personal IMHO. 

Hello, list members from a fledgling retrofit community trying its best
to hatch beyond theory! Riverdale Cohousing Group, Toronto, Canada is up
and running with good enthusiasm and efficient meetings! We are trying
not to reinvent too many wheels, so this is a general broadcasting of
request for information/resources/opinions on doing RETROFIT on a scale
of 15-? houses in a large popular downtown Toronto
"neighbourhood"/"community". We are presently researching our
legal/financial/realty options to facilitate/speed up that first
purchase (Ahh, the new blood, spring energy feelings of a new project
with like-minded souls). I have done  *some* archive searching, but for
the sake of expediency wanted to speak here too. 
Amongst our members are former N Street souls: Donna S. and Scott M.
Donna and I met on this list when they were asking about coho before
moving here.

In a *brief* nutshell, for those of you not familiar with Toronto (pop.
2.75 million + urban sprawl), it's very diverse ethnically (apparently
home to the most diverse, tolerant mix in North America) There are
distinct areas where people group with their cultures intact (fabulous
food spots!), and there is still flow amongst the groups. At any one
time on a subway car, you may feel you are in the United Nations. For
the most part, it can be a wonderful place to raise kids and feel
connected to a bigger happening. There has been an ongoing "raising of
consciousness" about intentional community here for years, with much
steam for collaborative housing from Russell Mawby (hi, and thanks).
There are several groups working towards rural ground-ups too. 

This list has been a great place to refresh tired hearts when my partner
and I have experienced setbacks in our three years efforts to get a
retrofit going here in "our" part of town - we tried a now defunct
attempt in The Beach area. We learned lots about risk tolerances in
settled middle-age families with young kids! 

Anyways, enough for tonight. Yes, I'm also monittoring urbanics. 
Looking forward to your replies. 

I have no fancy trailer, am still new to the Net lingo, but here's a
quote I wanted to pass on related to the Post article and the
consumerism/globalization thread on urbanics:

"To be satisfied is to arrive at a state where you cease to want more, a
condition that doesn't fit well with the values of a consumer economy
driven by growth and a corporate culture driven by ambition for rank and
privilege"  Jon Guy, former mine geologist

Peace, Julie Busch

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