Re: Contractor Problems
From: David M. Dobkin (
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 00:51:49 -0500
Pamela Leitch wrote:
> Could someone please describe for us what type of problems Berkley
> Cohousing had with their contractor?
> Pam Leitch, Cascadia Commons, Portland, Oregon

Pam and all.

Berkeley Cohousing is not at liberty to discuss this issue. We are
currently going through the arbitration process as outlined in the
contract and our attorney has told us to button it until the issues are
resolved, hoepfully by early September. Sorry to be so uncommunicative
and unable to share information.  Not the cohousing style, I know.

David Dobkin
Berkeley Cohousing Community (how unimaginative a name!!!)

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