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Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 19:12:16 -0500
Denise asked:
>On Thu, 11 Jun 1998, Raines Cohen wrote:
>> specifically praise "the people who will be living here"). We did meet
>> someone launching another coho project in North Oakland, but details are
>> sketchy so far... it sounds small, N-street style.
>Do you (or does anyone) have any more info on this - perhaps a contact
>Denise Meier
>Two Acre Wood
>Sebastopol, Northern California

This is a little (sort of a mini-Berkeley Cohousing) project we are working
with. A group of families and singles who know each other from the
Rockridge Methodist Church have purchased a double lot with an old house on
it in Oakland (42nd above Telegraph
Ave.) We are planning to rehad house for 2 units, and add 4 more along with
a 770 sf common house. One of their group owns a house and two studio units
behind the property, and intend to open up the yards (which we have design
to allow for a nice connection), thus making it a 9 unit community, and
with the other surrounding properties . . . potentially more. . . . All the
planned for units have people interested in them already.

We have a neighborhood meeting tonight, and then hopefully a decision from
the planning commission on Wednesday (6/17). Our firm is providing
architectural and development consulting services for the project.

Katie McCamant

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