Visiting other communities
From: Sanda Everette (
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 13:55:06 -0500
There has occassionally been talk about visiting other communities and
cohousing sites.  I was exploring the web with thoughts of wanting to go
to Europe the first two weeks in August.  I relooked at a site I had
looked at before about an interesting intentional community in Northern
Italy.  Anyone interested in going with me?  (If you don't mind flying
standby, I can offer a United Companion Pass.)
"More than twenty years after its foundation and with a count of more
than eight hundred citizens, Damanhur is today the most important
Federation of Communities in Europe and one of the most famous in the
world. It is a subject of research in many Italian and foreign
universities, owing to the originality of its social model, its
organisation, and its complex paths of investigation. Damanhur is
renowned  for its imaginative research and the vigour and variety of its

Sanda and Brian Everette
San Mateo Cooperative Community

Toward a sustainable lifestyle: 
grow some of your own food and/or know the gardener who is growing it.

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