Lot for Sale in Durham, NC -- Solterra
From: Deborah Day (dday2email.unc.edu)
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 08:09:11 -0500
The lot is for a detached house.  Choose your own passive solar design and
your own builder.  Utilties are at the lot, roads are in and homes are
going up right now.  Located in the city of Durham (city schools, sewer,
water, police, and fire) on a two-lane road between Durham and Chapel
Hill.  It is a prime location in this growing area.

Solterra has forty homesites, all of the detached home lots have been sold
(a couple of duplex sites remain.)  Located on a 20 acre 19th century 

The price is $57,500.  Call the Days at 919-969-9438. 

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