Common House Laundry
From: John Abrams (
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 10:31:06 -0500
Dear All,

Quandry about laundry:  As we at Island Cohousing design our Common House,
we would appreciate some comments about laundry.  Having seen many common
houses with laundry in the cellar, we thought it would get better use, be
more pleasant, be more accessible, and be more convenient if the laundry
were on the main floor.  But now we're grappling with the issue of devoting
such prime real estate, which is limited, to the laundry area when there
are so many other competing needs.

Can anyone comment on this?  Laundry in the cellar not so bad?  Important
to be on main floor?  Why or why not?

Thanks for your thoughts -

John Abrams
Island Cohousing and South Mountain Co., Inc.,
Martha's Vineyard, MA, permits nearly in hand, site planning complete,
house and common house design mid-stream, expecting to begin site
development this fall.

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