Re: CH laundry
From: Ruby44444 (
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 14:19:29 -0500
About the laundry quandry

Laundry in the basement is terrible--if it feels like a dark, cinderblock
laundromat.  If you can create a room with windows, access to outside,
comfortable seats, playground outside, etc, it might not be so bad.  Ours at
Pioneer Valley ended up in the basement by default, and it is truly not
somewhere that you would want to go if you didn't have to.  I wish we had
designed an upstairs room with couches, small tables, bookcases, magazines,
games, a telephone, and washing machines.  It feels like we are missing a
great opportunity to socialize in the commonhouse, which we do not use very
much for socializing except at meals.  I myself have a washer in my house
because I have no desire to haul my clothes all that way to be alone in a dark
basement room  with a lot of abandoned clothes!  (To be fair--some people here
do use the laundry room--maybe they like it.)

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