Common House Laundry and Solar Drying
From: Kevin Wolf (
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 18:51:02 -0500
Hi all

What about that wonderful invention, the solar dryer?  Are many of you
using the latest in high tech clothes lines as part of your laundry
facilities?  I know Muir Commons has some restrictions that make the amount
of open air drying space minimal?  I imagine that in most high density
situations, that is the case.  But what about cohousing communities with
lots of space?  How do you arrange to have clotheslines near the washer
machines to encourage the use of the most environmentally sound way to dry

At N Street, it is the clothes lines that brings people together, to hang
and takedown their clothes. Our washers and dryers are in two different
garages which share the same clothesline area.  Here, most everybody sorts
their clothes at home.  We have thought of centralizing the laundry in the
common house but then where would people hang dry their clothes, close by?
I am curious on how others have incorporated the clothes line into their
laundry scheme.


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