More ceilings
From: Karen Schwalbe (
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 16:10:58 -0500
The commonhouse at Alchemy Farm is a barn retrofit.  For the dining area we
had the choice of a larger auditorium-type space, over 1100 sq ft and 14 ft
ceilings, and a smaller living-room with just shy off 8 ft ceilings.  We
are using the smaller, cozier area as a dining room, but would like to put
skylights in, and have considered lifting the ceiling.

Sound wasn't the issue.  The bigger room is super-insulated, once set up as
an auditorium and has pretty good sound absorption.  It just feels too
large, almost warehouse-y.  Your mileage may vary.

We are just starting common dinners, but have potlucked in the room for
many years.  Our group size is currently six families, and we are only half


Karen Schwalbe
kschwalbe [at]
Alchemy Farm Cohousing
233 Hatchville Road
East Falmouth, MA 02536-4009

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