Re: What's in your closet?
From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 00:31:34 -0500
We don't have our CH built yet at RoseWind in Port Townsend WA. 
 Not every group would store all of these, but the list may remind you of 

My guesses:
holiday and special occasion decorations
canning supplies (jars, strainers, steamers etc)
games and sports equipment (badminton etc), craft materials
office supplies if you have there a computer, copy machine, or such
scissors, tape, staplers, rulers, etc
movie--slide show screen and-or projector; VCR and-or TV if you'll have 
them stashed 
videos and books; sound system if you use one for dances or such
PR materials for show and tell to visitors, or to take to a cohousing 
fair or such
archival materials-- rolled up maps and blueprints, files
light bulbs, toilet paper
meeting stuff- easel (s) , cushions for the chairs??, butcher paper

hand tools, extension cords
tablecloths, spare dish cloths, rags, etc
leftover building supplies that may still be needed someday (extra paint, 
tiles, flooring)
ladder(s) , stool(s)

My personal fantasy is that a common house would have the option of 
individuals or families having a sort of locker for their own stuff, 
could even be lockable, so a person could leave a laptop or guitar or 
needlepoint project at the CH securely.

I also fantasize about glass display cases which could be done in 
rotation by interested folks-- personal treasures, informational or 
artistic displays, stuff done by kids, etc. Now that we are squeaking out 
a common house budget, it seems unlikely, but who knows.

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