Re: What's in your closet?
From: PattyMara (
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 16:30:21 -0500
Lynn's post covered most of what I would have suggested for storage in the
common house except for the following:

     1. Children's toys, easels, art supplies, dress-up costumes, water toys,
sand box stuff, musical instruments
     2. Outdoor furniture, lawn and deck chairs

At Tierra Nueva we're planning to build an display case for some of the
archeological artifacts found during our survey completed 2 years ago.  As a
Chumash seasonal village site (which we anticipated, all of the surrounding
beach areas of the central CA coast are dotted with shell middens and hearth
sites, often tool making sites) our  site survey uncovered some wonderful
stone (chert) blades, crystals and many many pounds of shells.  Most of this
will be returned to the land in a special "re-bury" ceremony, and a few
specimens will be displayed with an educational diorama in the case somewhere
in the common house.  I guess this doesn't really qualify as a closet, but it
feels important to mention.  If anything of historical or archeological
interest is present on site, maybe just old photographs even, it feels
appropriate to offer some respect for the former inhabitants,  human and

Patty Mara Gourley


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