From: David M. Dobkin (
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 01:18:02 -0500
Mac Thomson wrote:
> Another site design question . . . .
> We're working on the plans for our rural cohousing neighborhood and
> we're trying to decide how many parking spaces to build.  We've got
> plenty of room for as many as we want, but we don't want to build more
> than we need.  Could people living in community please take a minute to
> answer:
> How many homes do you have?
a: fourteen
> How many parking spaces do you have (including garage spaces)?
> Is that the right number of parking spaces?  Too many?  Too few?
> A; Yes. it encourages people to get rid fo automobiles. Living in the city 
> near public transit and easy walking to shopping helps. So far, we have lost 
> two cars since move-in last July. The planet has lost two cars!!! If you want 
> more than one car (per household), you can have them but must park extras on 
> the street. Plenty of room there.
David Dobkin for the still unnamed Berkeley Cohousing Community.

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