Co-op in West Somerville (MA) seeks new housemate(s)
From: Maren Leyla Cooke (
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:28:59 -0500
Hi, all --

Once again, Teal Co-op is looking for a new member or two.  Here's the scoop!

        -- Maren.

Teal is an eight-member (seven adults and soon one new baby) cooperative  
household near Teele Square in Somerville, near Tufts & the Davis Square T.   
We are looking for a NEW HOUSEMATE or two!  At least one woman, to maintain  
gender balance.  Les/bi/gay/straight all welcome; current members vary.   
We're a community-minded and fairly close-knit co-op: friendly, diverse,  
creative, environmentally aware, semi-vegetarian & non-smoking.
We live in a big teal blue house on a quiet side street, and we have a
   Huge eat-in kitchen, which is perfect for our regular
      Biweekly potluck/folksings (& occasional Irish sessions), when the
         Dishwasher comes in handy, as well as the
            Bright & airy living room adjoining the
               Common library/study/art room  for
                 Music after supper.
Porches on both 1st & 2nd floors are
  Lovely to eat upon in summer, and overlook a
    Great back yard shaded by a giant
       Norway maple (bearing a hammock) and having numerous
         Gardens containing lots of vegetables & herbs & raspberries and
           Flowers like astilbe & anemone, bridalveil, broom, bleeding heart, 
             Crocus, canna, & cleome, daffodil & daylily, English ivy,
               Forsythia, forget-me-not, & frittilaria, Glory-of-the-snow,
                 Hyacinth & hollyhock, iris & impatiens, Japanese barberry,
                   Lilacs, lamium & lady's mantle, marigolds & morning glory,
                     Nasturtium & narcissus, orchids & ornithogallum,
                       Peonies & primroses, roses climbing up the porch,
                         Solomon's seal, spiderflower, snapdragon & snowdrop,
                           Tiger lily & tulip, violet & vinca, windflower,
                             Yellow sorrel, zinnia, and a three-bin
                               Compost pile to nourish it all!
Two rooms in our house will be available for the fall (1 September).
   The two rents are about $290 and $330, plus food and utilities and
         We recently insulated the house so the latter are lowered.
Other fine attributes include:
   Laundry facilities and a well-appointed woodshop in the basement.
     Garage providing ground-level bike storage, a must!
        Wood floors throughout the house, except for
          Tile in the kitchen and in the (count 'em)
            Three bathrooms, two with tub & shower and one with a
              Great big bathtub for those long comfy soaks.
                 Most of the house has been recently renovated.
                   A wonderful cat named Liekkissa lives with us
                      (and likes to be the only cat).
                         Multiple phone lines include one for real live
                            Internet access right here at home.
                              On and off-street parking are available.
                                Our phone number is (617)628-8089; collective
                                   Email is house [at] so do
                                      Get in touch if you are interested!

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