From: MelaSilva (
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 19:48:15 -0500
At Southside Park in Sacramento, the city allowed us to put in just one space
per home, plus 2 extras for guests.(25 homes, 27 spaces) And we put in the
smallest spaces allowed by law. 
We have very restricted street parking, 1 hour except with a special sticker
available only to residents, and so all of our second cars are parked on the
street. We each have one placard that we can put in a guests car to allow them
ticket-free street parking as well.
Folks really fight for their spaces, and visitors hate parking on the street.
The spaces are so small that many a car has been scraped or dented getting in
or out. But, we are on 1and 1/4 acres!! We did the best we could. A few more
spaces would have been nice. One more foot wide on each one would have been
much easier.
Over and over we see that life is full of compromises, eh wat?
Pam Silva

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