Re:Common House Laundry
From: Diane Q Simpson (
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 17:49:23 -0500
It's a shame there's no one from Valley Oaks Village (Chico, California)
writing in to this list--they have a really great laundry room, the best
I've ever seen in a common house. It's on the first floor, same as the
kitchen, dining room, sitting area, and children's play room, but it's
separated from the main dining area by an alcove and an extra door--this
keeps out the noise from the washing machines. It also has a window so
parents can watch their kids in the play room while they're doing their
laundry. I didn't actually see it in operation (Dave & I were visiting
before they had even finished moving in) but it looked like a really nifty
arrangement. I would love to hear from anyone in Valley Oaks as to how
this is working out for them.


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On Mon, 22 Jun 1998 John Abrams wrote:

> Quandry about laundry:  As we at Island Cohousing design our Common House,
> we would appreciate some comments about laundry.  Having seen many common
> houses with laundry in the cellar, we thought it would get better use, be
> more pleasant, be more accessible, and be more convenient if the laundry
> were on the main floor.  But now we're grappling with the issue of devoting
> such prime real estate, which is limited, to the laundry area when there
> are so many other competing needs.

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