Concord, CA Oasis straw bale workshops/ volunteers/ workers wanted
From: mdemaio (
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 18:44:43 -0500
For the next three weekends (July 3-6 Fri-Mon, Jul 11-13 Sat-Mon, and
Jul18-19 Sat-Sun) we'll be hard at plork (that's play- work) on the straw
bale flexible floor plan "common" structure, performing tasks from post
and beam framing to straw bale stacking/ custom bale tieing (this is a
bale on edge infill/wrap structure), to various aspects of detailing.  In
particular, we're hoping to have a group of folks together on either
Friday July 3rd afternoon/ evening(preferable), and/or Saturday morning/
afternoon to raise our two large posts (30 ft full cut 6x8's) and 3 large
beams  which are on the project's critical path list. Please feel free to
join us and help take this project to the next level (the second
floor!!), starting at any time after 9:30am or thereabouts till whenever
(we often work in the evening cool).

Please call and leave a message at 925-687-2560 if you would like to
attend the July 3-6 sessions, or reply to this e-mail for the July 11 and
July 18 sessions, indicating your name, the number of persons attending,
and when you would like to come plork. The site is located on a private
drive next to Concordia Lutheran Church at 994 A Oak Grove Road, Concord,
CA (680 Treat/ Oak Park/ Geary exit, 2 miles east to Oak Grove Road (make
left), to private drive on right past Concrdia Lutheran Church, bales/
site on left, check in at older house with bales under carport if noone
is readily visible).  Please bring food, gloves, eye protection, ear
protection, a construction hat if possible, sturdy boots or shoes,
hammers, and other tools for your personal use that you feel appropriate

In Sustainable Community,
Mark DeMaio, PE and Simon Lang
Concord Oasis E-coHousing 
Where we're currently framing a straw bale building, scheduling informal
low to no
cost worshops, and seek volunteers, workers, and core group participants.

For more information on Concord Oasis E- cohousing, see our website under
construction at

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