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From: Michael McIntyre (
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 16:10:29 -0500
> In a message dated 7/4/98 12:53:01 PM, you wrote:
> <<The Laundry Concept from the Katie & Chuck slide show .... i believe that's
> the source.
> and it's this:  if machines are in use, you put your LAUNDRY Basket in
> line..... 
> if a machine ahead has stopped, put the neighbors into or out of the
> drier.......and eventually it all gets washed and dried, tho, as i recall,
> folding did not happen!!!>>
> Yikes, I would not like this system.  I usually have things that go in the
> drier and things that don't.  And on sunny days, I hang my clothes on the
> line.  I wouldn't want someone putting my clothes in the drier.  Also,
> starting someone else's wash - how do you know if they like hot or cold water,
> etc.? How does this work other places?

This is fairly easy to deal with via a note clothespinned to each
basket in the queue indicating owner and any special instructions.
e.g. wash warm/cold;  do not dry, etc. Or just don't put the basket
in the queue. Standard student co-op drill.

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