Yikes, I would not like this laundry system
From: The Fertile Zone (fertilezoneebox.oo.net)
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:59:03 -0500
Marty Roberts Wrote

>>Yikes, I would not like this system.  .. I wouldn't want someone putting my 
clothes in the drier.  .. how do you know if they like (their wash with) hot or 
water, etc.? 

This may encourage those fussy people to attend their laundry and socialize 
more, but using the common-house laundry, at all, has been the toughest co-
housing selling point for my wife.   

She is sole mates with her laundry machines, since her childhood my wife has 
thrown dry clothes in the dryer --just to warm them up before going outdoors--  
Since I've been married I'm not allowed to wear things twice, asked to strip 
no sexual intent, and often end-up drying from a shower with hand towels, and 
sleeping on pillows with no pillowcover because these things are always being 

So, we would not move into a house without laundry, and the only opportunity 
for interaction at the common-house laundry, for us, would be if I insisted on 
washing my own clothes.  And thats not likely to happen.

The Fertile Zone
Natural Familily Planning doesn't get any simpler.
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