Re: Laundry
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 19:41:39 -0500
Yes, Katie and Chuck talk about the laundry baskets being lined up each
with the household's own detergent bottle on top and a note with
instructions in Denmark. But you are right. We do not use that system here
at Emeryville, although it has been suggested. Of course, we are only 12
households (BTW we have two washers and two dryers).

One way that helps manage laundry congestion is to ask those who have
flexible work schedules or who like to rise early or go to bed late, to do
their laundry during the lower-demand times. On another, but related
matter, if you are purchasing new machines or renting them, be sure that at
least one of your washers is front loading. In addition to being much more
economical and ecological than top loading machines, these are the only
washers accessible to those in wheelchairs. Of course they generally are
significantly more expensive. Whaddya expect?

Joani Blank, 
Doyle St and Old Oakland CoHousing (one unit still for sale--too big for
anyone on our waiting list) and (ground breaking/demolition finally started
last week) 

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