From: Paul Weber (
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 10:23:31 -0500
I know this subject has come up before but I thought I 'd post and ask for
any more words of wisdom since I have to do a little presentation for our
next Monday.

We are currently debating how high a priority accessibility  should be for
our community. We are designing the common house (in this case with
downstairs dining room) and are concerned about the cost of making things
accessible right away.  At the same time there is an openness to learning
more about the realities of disabled people.  As well, we have one potential
resident who is in a wheelchair. Many members have said unless she makes a
strong commitment to being part of the community they see accessibility as
less of a priority.  There is no legislation in Canada/Ottawa that would
compel us to make our common space wheelchair accessible, so the how and
when are up to us.

 What have others communities done when faced with this issue? Are there
affordable alternatives? Also I?m looking for any Internet statistics and
info on the struggles and realities of  disabled people (especially in
regards to housing)  if anyone has any suggestions.

Paul Weber
Terra Firma
Ottawa, Canada

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