Eco-villages Now! Conference w/ Internet contacts
From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 18:39:32 -0500
Sue Straley <woman [at]> (who will be out of range of 
the net for the next week so ( 7/15 -7/22 ))
is the source of info for the the message below tho it was posted
by the Fred the list manager: owner-cohousing-L [at]
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Yesterday's post about the conference in WI lacked a way to get additional
info via the net...  Additional info about the conference can be found at (web site isn't quite up yet, but should be up by 
Thursday 7/16.    They can also contact Lesleigh at L2B2 [at]

Conference Announcement
July 31 through August 2, 1998 -- East Troy, WI

Eco-villages Now!
What's Happened?   What's Happening?   What's Ahead?

Good Food  --  Remarkable Speakers

Prairie and Wetland Restoration
Eco-village Design for Architects and Developers
Food, Kitchens and Eating Together
Private Neighborhood Phone Systems
Making your development cost effective
Real-life Experiences in Cohousing

Concluding on Sunday with a session to create a design brief for The
Neighbors, a living community within The Fields of East Troy, an
ecological development.

All three days -- $50   Two days -- $45   Saturday only -- $35
Register today! Call Cindy -- 414-642-2651
More info: or L2B2 [at]

About Community building in E Troy WI:

If they would like to know more about our project and not necessarily the
conference the information will be on the web site soon, or they can contact
me at woman [at] -- but I won't be answering for a couple weeks.

We are THE NEIGHBORS creating a living community within THE FIELDS of East
Troy, an ecological development.  We are at the site design stage and as
always, recruiting and learning.

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