Re: COHOUSING-L digest 553+
From: HeidiNYS (
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 20:30:16 -0500
Dear Folks....
Regarding rental:
I have one, here at Cantine's Island, Saugerties [near Woodstock] N.Y.
First floor bedroom + bathroom.  Prefer part-time person, weekender or
weedayer or somethinglike this.  Would love to hear: Ruth Hirsch (914)
246-8601/ Heidi [at]
PS...... someone, i think, Rib, mentioned FIC Website, and had I address, i'd
be glad to post there, so if you're inclined,please do send it, and thanks,
all Best,
PS ALSO, If a group that is fairly solid, needs loans, COop Fund of New
England has money.  Get in touch w me, and I'll get the contact info to you!!!
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